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How to Create a Personal Wordlist for an Individual Student

StepsWeb allows you to create custom wordlists for your learner to use. This is particularly useful for things like class spelling lists, or subject words. If your learner brings home a list of words they need to learn, you can enter them into a custom wordlist, and your child can then complete the online activities for these specific words. StepsWeb will even generate a range of printable materials for your new wordlist. Here we will show you creating a Personal Wordlist. Personal wordlists are available to a specific learner, rather than all learners registered under your StepsWeb account. If you want to create a list for several learners to use, create an admin wordlist instead. See the separate instructions for this.

Manage Students

Log in with your Educator login. Click the 'Manage Students' button.

Select Wordlists

Select your learner, and click ‘Wordlists’.

Add a Wordlist

Click the ‘Add Wordlist’ button.

Wordlist Name

A box will appear that says ‘Add New Wordlist’.  This is where you type the name of the wordlist you are creating so your learner can find it later.  When you have named it, click ‘Ok’.

Add Words

You will see the ‘Edit Wordlist’ screen, with the name of your wordlist at the top.  Click the ‘Add Word’ button.

Enter Word

Enter your word and click ‘Add’.

Add Words

You will then see your word in the list on the left, and the information box on the right will contain the sentence, and definition (if present).  To add more words, click ‘Add Word’ again.


Sometimes when you add a word, there will be more than one sentence available for that word.  You can see all of the available choices, as well as a "Make a new sentence..." button for adding a new one.