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Creating a Student under your Account

This section gives instructions on how to create a student login using your account.

Log In as an Educator

Go to and enter the username and password you created for your Educator account. Click ‘login’.

Manage Students

You will now see your Educator menu. Click ‘Manage Students’.

Add a Student

This is the student management screen. From here you can add or remove students, assign work to a student, set up wordlists for individual students, and view a students current learning statistics.

For now, we need to add a student, so click the ‘Add Student’ button.


Create Student Account

Personal Details - Fill in the student’s details. Some of the details are optional (date of birth, gender). However we recommend adding these where possible, as this can affect the data you are able to access through the program.

Account Information - You will need to create a username and password for your student. These are used by the student to log in and use the program.

Login Tests - Course Placement

By default, the Spelling Test will be selected. This means that when your student logs in for the first time, they will automatically start a spelling test. Their results for this will determine their starting point in the ‘Courses’ section.

If your student has been using the Courses on Steps (software version), don't get them to do the Placement Test again. Simply set their current Course position manually using the selector provided. You can do this by changing the course position dropdown in Learning Settings.


Login Tests - Visual Recognition

The Visual Recognition Test is something your students can sit when they first sign in. We recommend that you select the test. It will measure how quickly a learner can recognise a known word. This is linked to reading fluency.

The Visual Recognition speed is also used to set the starting speed for the Word Flash activity on StepsWeb. There is more information about this test in a separate section.

Learning Settings

The Learning Settings allow you to set the course position - if you aren't using a placement test - of your student, the accent of sounds in StepsWeb, and whether the student uses forced progression, the shortened sentence builder, and the positive sound reinforcement.

Forced progression, when enabled, prevents a student from moving back and forth in the course, so that they can't keep redoing easy activities when unsupervised.

Shorten sentence builder sets a limit to the number of questions that will be asked when playing sentence builder. This can be good for students who struggle with that activity, as sentence builder is one of the longer activities without this setting.

Positive sound reinforcement causes a sound to play on certain activities when the student gets an answer correct. The sound is designed to be encouraging for students.