Support Site

Creating a Student

This section gives instructions on how to create a student login using your account.

Log In as an Educator

Go to and enter the username and password you created for your Educator account. Click ‘Login’.

Manage Students

You will now see your educator management screen. Click ‘Manage Students’.

Add a Student

This is the student management screen. From here you can add or remove students, assign work to a student, set up wordlists for individual students, and view a student's current learning statistics.

For now, we need to add a student, so click the ‘Add Student’ button.


Create Student Account

Personal Details - Fill in the student’s details. The date of birth is optional.  However, it is recommended for two reasons:

  • It determines whether the student does the Placement Test
  • It is used to plot progress against chronological age, so it will let you know if the student is performing at below expected levels for their age.

You will need to create a username and password for your student. These are used by the student to log in and use the program.

Login Tests - Course Placement

The login test options are on the second tab.

By default, the Spelling Test will be selected for students that are 6 years or older.  This means that when your student logs in for the first time, they will automatically start a spelling test.  Their results for this will determine their starting point in the ‘Courses’ section. 

You can override this choice by clicking on the box next to 'Spelling Test' to de-select it.


Login Tests - Visual Recognition

The Visual Recognition Test is something your students can sit at any point.  It will measure how quickly a learner can recognise a known word. This is linked to reading fluency.  There are full details, including research information, under the Assessment section of the Support Site. 

If you wish to set this test at the beginning, click on the box to select it.  However, we recommend reading through the Visual Recognition Test information on the Support Site before choosing this option, as it is important to explain to students what they will be required to do.


Create Student Account

When you are satisfied with the details you have entered for the student, click 'Create'.