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Sample Unit from each Workbook

Workbooks are strongly recommended for Foundation Level learners and for higher-level struggling learners.

Each workbook directly supports the equivalent Level on the online Course.

Example:    Learner on Level 5 needs Workbook 5



How to use the sample units

There are two main benefits to being able to see or print the first unit of each workbook.

One point is, of course, that new users can see the style and content of the workbooks before purchasing.

However, there are occasionally times when the Placement Test has placed a new learner on a particular Level and the teacher is not quite sure whether this is the right Level for that individual.  There are certainly some cases where teacher judgement is needed for possible adjustments.  

In these cases, we recommend that the learner completes the first unit of the Level they have been placed on, including the written work.  Being able to print out the first unit means that you do not waste a workbook if you do decide to adjust Levels.

Incidentally, it's worth noting here that the main reason for considering trialling a unit is that a learner may take one look at the first wordlist in that Level and think it's too easy for them.  This is why we recommend doing one complete unit before deciding to change.  Very often a learner will be able to easily read a list of words, but not be able to put them into a sentence, spell them independently or match them with definitions.

Reference Materials

If you are using the workbook course, we would recommend the following:

Teacher Manual - This contains detailed teaching instructions, methodology and reference materials

Teaching Guides - These contain brief teaching instructions and the answers and dictation sentences.

Additional copies of the answers can be printed from the Support Site.

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