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Sample Unit from each Workbook

We strongly recommend that remedial learners are using the workbooks alongside the StepsWeb activities.  Here, we've put the first unit of each workbook, so you can see what they look like and what kind of activities they include.

Workbooks A - F

Workbooks A - F are intended for learners with spelling ages of below around 7 years 6 months.  This includes learners at the very beginnings of literacy, who would start at Workbook A. 

Workbooks correspond exactly to Levels on StepsWeb.  In other words, a learner on Level A will need Workbook A.  Learners will work through workbooks in conjunction with the online activities in StepsWeb.

Workbooks A and B    -   Learners with a spelling age of below 6 years

Workbooks C and D    -  Spelling Age 6:6 - 7:0

Workbooks E and F    -  Spelling Age 7:0 - 7:6

The Placement Test will automatically put each learner onto the right Level.  It is designed to be quite conservative, as learners at this level of literacy typically have many gaps in their knowledge and also need a lot of reinforcement to consolidate skills.   Although the above Levels are a useful guideline, in practice most learners would benefit from going through the previous levels, probably fairly quickly.  This is a matter for teacher judgement, of course.  Course position on StepsWeb can be adjusted by the teacher if necessary.

At this level, there is a very strong emphasis on phonological awareness, handwriting, phonic knowledge, tracking, and memory.  The content includes high frequency words, but also phonic patterns, word families and reading words.  Each unit includes a handwriting/letter formation focus. 

Each unit in Workbooks A - C focuses on a specific letter for handwriting practice.  Letters are not in alphabetic order, but in shape family order.  

If you are using these workbooks with older learners, it is perfectly acceptable to skip the handwriting if they find it patronising.  With younger learners, though, we would strongly recommend including plenty of handwriting practice.  There is plenty of research which confirms the developmental importance of handwriting!



Workbooks 1 - 6

Workbooks 1 - 6 are intended for learners with Spelling Ages of 7:6 and above:

Workbook 1           -   Spelling Age 7:6 - 8:0

Workbook 2           -   Spelling Age 8:0 - 9:0

Workbook 3           -   Spelling Age 9:0 - 10:0

Workbooks 4 - 6    -   Spelling Age 10:0 +

As learners progress to the higher-level workbooks, the emphasis changes to a greater emphasis on language development, including comprehension and vocabulary.  For this reason, the exact Spelling Age is less relevant.  Workbooks 4 - 6 can be used by any learner with a Spelling Age of at least 10 years.  Workbooks 5 and 6, for example, can be used for extension learners.

Please note that there is an overlap in phonic content from Levels A - F and Levels 1 - 6.  Phonic patterns are re-visited in higher-level workbooks to provide extra reinforcement.  However, in the higher-level workbooks, more demanding skills are required.  These include proof-reading and dictations.


Reference Materials

If you are using the workbook course, we would recommend the following:

Teacher Manual - This contains detailed teaching instructions, methodology and reference materials

Teaching Guides - There is one Teaching Guide for Workbooks A - F and another for Workbooks 1 - 6.  These contain brief teaching instructions for one complete unit and the answers.

Additional copies of the answers can be printed from the Support Site.

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