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Introduction to Scaffolding Techniques

Many online activities will cause difficulties for certain students.  This is because the learners are, by definition, developing new skills.  In reality, if a learner could do every activity with no difficulty at all, they're probably working at too low a level.  There needs to be a balance between activities which are just providing reinforcement (also important, of course!) and activities which are moving students to a higher level.

However, as educators, we obviously want to support learners as much as we can, not only to complete activities successfully, but to actively build the skills and strategies which are required.

For this reason, we've created a range of articles about important scaffolding strategies.  It covers the activities which currently cause the most difficulties for students:

  • Drop
  • Sound Splits
  • Vowel Ladder
  • Memory Activities (Word Grid, Visual Memory and Treasure Hunt)
  • Word Ladder

We'd suggest that educators read these articles through if their learners need support.  If any learners are still experiencing difficulties, feel free to get in contact and our educational specialists will provide individual advice.

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