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Holiday Reinforcement

We all know and understand why holidays are so important - and the last thing we'd recommend is making children do loads of written work. 

However, there are situations where some holiday reinforcement is important.  In fact, appropriate support in the long summer holidays can significantly boost a student's literacy skills and get them off to a great start in the new year.

This article gives you more information about how best to do this in a fun, but effective way.



Stopping the 'holiday slide!'

Many students struggle with literacy in the early stages and some have longer-term difficulties.  It can be very demoralising if they've worked hard through the year, but then lose a chunk of that progress over the summer holidays.  Teachers often spend half of the first term catching up to where they got to at the end of the previous year!

If your child has a StepsWeb account at school or home, you can easily boost their learning - particularly over the long summer holidays.  Read on to get specific recommendations!

If your child doesn't yet have a StepsWeb account, you can sign up for the 14-day Free Trial here:   When your child first logs in, they will automatically do a Placement Test which will put them on the right level of the structured Course. 

Then follow the instructions for children on a Home Account.

Children on a school account

Your child's teacher might have set some work from the Course Reinforcement Lists, in which case your child needs to work through these by clicking on the 'Assigned Work' section (orange button).

When the student clicks on the orange button, they will automatically see any work set by their teacher.  They should concentrate on completing these lists over the holiday period.

If required, they could also do personal lists by clicking on the green button.  We'll cover these below.

School user without assigned work